Autumnal stroll


Autumn Horse Chestnut

We’re almost in the middle of November and the darker mornings and evenings really are making a difference now.  As we slide into winter, nature presents a varying palette of golds, tawny browns, oranges and reds, shifting every day and inspiring anew.

Leaf of Autumn

I notice I’m drawn to stones with rich, seasonal colouring, how magnificent is this one – it brings to mind the newly trimmed hedges in the lane and cascades of fallen leaves from my old Sycamore.  I’m collecting bits and bobs  so I can bring some of this Autumn feel into the house.

rustling beech leaves

The hedgerow's brightest leaves

To really immerse myself in the beauty of this time of year, and take in some of this natural glory, I’ve been going on a short walk each day after closing up the workshop.


Autumn hedgerow

Autumn oak leaves

I’m rewarded by the leafy spectacle, and from seeing bats emerge and swoop in zig-zags and flitters past my head, and watching a Barn Owl fly low and steady.  The beck has brought down crab apples fallen from a tree at the moor edge, they’re congregating in the wet verge, looking bright suddenly in their greens and yellows.   Don’t you love the sound of the hedgerow birds as they utter their last little ‘settling down for the night’ roosting noises?

Autumn catkins

The light begins to fade

darkness envelopes the Autumn colour

It probably won’t be long before the windier, wetter and cooler conditions shorten my excursions, but for now I’m enjoying every moment.

Autumn moon reflection




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