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Talking stone in Elementum online journal

In the workshop – shaping and sculpting words for Elementum.

Elementum is a beautiful and special journal of nature and story.   You’ll remember my discovering it recently here.  The founder and editor Jay Armstrong invited me to write a short piece for the journal’s online Nature Journals.

What a wholeheartedly joyous experience, working with Jay to corall my thoughts into something readable – I feel honoured to be featured in the delightfully titled Reflections and Observations section.

When I got an email from Jay to say that the piece ‘In Conversation with Stone – The Ancient art of the Carver’ was online, and I clicked through to look at it (to see myself in print – so to speak!), I have to say that my heart did quicken and I’m still in a rather excited state.

Here it is – In Conversation with Stone

If you like the calm, and connect with the beautiful images and written words of the Elementum website, you will  absolutely love the Publication  Elementum – a Journal of Nature & Story – which you can order from their shop.





  1. Comment by Jay:

    Thank you so much for agreeing to write your piece which is quite unique and thought provoking. Looking forward to hearing more from the workshop!

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Muffled by chips and stone dust just now, and busy hammers, but I’m thinking all the while.

  2. Comment by Caroline @coastcard:

    An exquisite article. What an insight, Jennifer, into your creative practice. Utterly fascinating and so engaging.

    In the days before we knew so much about beach conservation, I used to polish pebbles for jewellery, an activity we did in my church youth group – and I greatly enjoyed learning about the different kinds of stone we encountered on the Norfolk, Suffolk and Cornish beaches. I wonder how much your relationship with stone mirrors that of the potter with his or her clay, which, after all has its own mineral origins (though for all I know, there may sometimes be ‘vegetable’ elements – like the fly in the amber!).

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Caroline, thankyou – I’m so pleased you enjoyed reading. Isn’t the Journal beautiful? You will have seen up close in your little stones just exactly what I carve through. I’m sure the relationship applies to those working clay, have you seen the work of Chloe Burke – I’m so interested in the way she is working. Thanks again!

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