Erica shaped


Bell Heather flower head

When I was on the moor the other day I saw some of the patches of Bell Heather were showing some autumn colouring.  This common heathland plant Erica cinerea (cinerea meaning ash coloured) at the height of flowering is bright pink/purple – cultivars of it are known as ‘Pink Ice’ and ‘Velvet Night’.

Erica stone vase

They’re such beautiful little flower heads and I thought they looked just like little pots all lined up, perfect little vase shapes.  By contrast to the soft petals of the Bell Heather, the stone I worked my Erica vase in, is course textured and rugged.  The gritty surface so characteristic of the moorland setting.

Heather vase

The colour elements of the sandstone are a good match too – ‘red earth’, or perhaps ‘September umber’.

Heather in a vase


You can see more stone vases here, and here.






  1. Comment by Caroline @coastcard:

    A lovely post, Jennifer. And yes, the harmonies of shape, colour, texture, form and landscape are wonderful.

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Thank you Caroline – I have a little stone left to make a few more (I wanted a group like the flower head), but the stone is very hard and it took far longer than I thought. Also admit I spent quite a time just looking at it out on the moor!

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