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Spring stems, Spring begins

  On the first day of Spring I was treated to the sound of Pied Wagtails.  A pair back and forth chirruping from the workshop roof and fence post.  I’m always hopeful they’ll return and nest here – so with any luck they’ll like what they see and stay. I also heard the low humming […]

Erica shaped

  When I was on the moor the other day I saw some of the patches of Bell Heather were showing some autumn colouring.  This common heathland plant Erica cinerea (cinerea meaning ash coloured) at the height of flowering is bright pink/purple – cultivars of it are known as ‘Pink Ice’ and ‘Velvet Night’. They’re […]

Blackberry Cup

  ….. and it runneth over! They’re ripening as fast as I can pick them.  My brambles (I have two wayward patches at the workshop) like my weeds have grown huge and unruly – but now make the tangly mess seem a joy as I harvest fullsome, shiny ripe berries. I’ve made a little stone […]