Tag: Stone pot

Spring Begins

  To celebrate the beginning of Spring today I’ve cut a few stems of flowering currant from the garden and brought them indoors.  I’m cheered and envigorated by the fresh new growth, and they smell gorgeous. Simple stone mini pot is now in the shop.        

Blackberry Cup

  ….. and it runneth over! They’re ripening as fast as I can pick them.  My brambles (I have two wayward patches at the workshop) like my weeds have grown huge and unruly – but now make the tangly mess seem a joy as I harvest fullsome, shiny ripe berries. I’ve made a little stone […]

Scramble and Tumble

  Plants have personalities don’t they – this one seems to love stone and has gorgeous habits when the two are combined.  The little Bellflower (it takes its name from its bell-shaped flowers) loves to clamber over, up and between.  It looks wonderful scrambling between pavings or climbing up a wall, or tumbling over the […]