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NYOS15 poster

Just the other day I collected my posters and brochures for North Yorkshire Open Studios 2015.  This year it is designed with fresh spring colours and just perfect for this time of year.

NYOS15 brochure

I’ve got posters to put up, signs to fix and brochures to send – I’m number 92 in the Moors and Coast section.  In the brochure (handy pocket size) there are maps showing the locations of everyone’s studio.  There is quite a cluster of artists around me – I’ll introduce you to them all in another post.  It is a beautifully put together little catalogue and I’m very pleased to be in it alongside so much extraordinary talent and creativity that we have in North Yorkshire.

NYOS15 map

If you would like a brochure just pop me a note and I’ll send one out for you.

Yesterday I sat in the sunshine with my geese and we spent time  looking through – Clarice was especially interested and promised to keep the grass neat and tidy for visitors.

NYOS15 brochures






  1. Comment by countrysidetales:

    Lovely! It sounds like a great project to be part of. You’ve got the doorperson sorted already I see :o)

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      I do have my doorperson! The Open Studios is a lovely event – do you have one near you?

  2. Comment by Ellen Abbott:

    do your geese know their names?

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      I can’t actually say yes they do – however, they do know my voice and recognise the string of words I use at their t-time, and for various regular activities – they know the sound of the wheat bin lid coming off! Tone of voice is much more important to them I think. However, they do know the sound of my vehicle and are at the gate in readiness and greeting before I come into sight.

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