Out on Lastingham Knoll


Heather on North York Moors

If I walk a few hundred yards of steep hill out of Lastingham village, I’m on the moor.  A track leads out along Lastingham Ridge with spectacular views over Spaunton Moor, all of which is part of the greater North York Moors.

I wanted to clear my head, and the air up here is really good – restorative and life affirming (whatever the weather!).  I also wanted to find some cotton grass – it is a bog plant which thrives on this moor, and has wonderful cotton-wool like heads which respond in billowing sideways whisps at the slightest heathland breeze.    Not long from now the heather will be fully out too – for now there are a few spots of electrifying pinkish, lavender, bluish type colour, and maybe there’s a little grey in there too.

Heather on North York Moors

Standing on Lastingham Knoll (a knoll is another word for hillock or mound) I scanned for my grass – having seen a clump, I headed off.  When I got there, it wasn’t grass at all, but heather stubble pretending to be cotton grass!

sheep's wool caught on heather stubble

Happy and thoroughly rejuvinated anyway.

sheep wool on heather stubble





  1. Comment by ellen abbott:

    I saw lots of it during my visit to the highlands of

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      What an amazing trip you had – and lots to process and think about – look forward to seeing how it comes out in your work.

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