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Whinbusks in bud

  I walked up onto the moor yesterday morning, there had been a hard frost overnight covering the ground dusty white.  Through the cold came the birdsong and the gleam of the rising sun and I felt the push of spring despite the chill. Once on the moor path along Lastingham Ridge, I’m aware of […]

Out on Lastingham Knoll

  If I walk a few hundred yards of steep hill out of Lastingham village, I’m on the moor.  A track leads out along Lastingham Ridge with spectacular views over Spaunton Moor, all of which is part of the greater North York Moors. I wanted to clear my head, and the air up here is […]

Giraffes in Lastingham

  What a fabulous sight, suddenly they appeared, lifting their heads up out of the top of the church tower! They’re part of Noah’s Flower Festival in the village from the 10th to 19th July 2015 at St Mary’s Church, Lastingham.  There’s an Ark, Animals, Flowers, Well Dressing and Music.  On some evenings there are talks […]