Tag: North Yorkshire

NGS Open Garden

  Looking out at the garden I see a bit of a wilderness – it is neglect  – untouched by my gardening hands for a while, yet it is busy doing its thing very happily without me.  A wild rose has self-seeded and is robustly scampering over everything so beautifully with pink delicate flowers that I’m […]

Giraffes in Lastingham

  What a fabulous sight, suddenly they appeared, lifting their heads up out of the top of the church tower! They’re part of Noah’s Flower Festival in the village from the 10th to 19th July 2015 at St Mary’s Church, Lastingham.  There’s an Ark, Animals, Flowers, Well Dressing and Music.  On some evenings there are talks […]

Smoke Signals

  It is a familiar sight at this time of year, billowing smoke on the horizon.  I remember as a child playing camp and sending smoke signals back to the house with and old blanket waved over a makeshift wood fire.  I hoped the smoke would be seen from far away,  and my magic messages understood […]