Lettering in stone – relief carving


Stone cut to size and marked out

Mostly the letter carving I’m asked to do is incised lettering, but recently I’ve relief carved the number ten and I’ve really enjoyed chasing the strong, clean lines as precisely as I can.

Progress of carving number ten

Relief carved letters stand proud of the background stone surface.

Relief carving letters

A frequent question is ‘which lettering style is the easiest to do?’   It must be about preference I suppose.  For me there isn’t really an answer, except that all require you pay attention, and work with consistency and care.   Through every stage of the process its about concentration and accuracy.

Stages of relief carving numbers

One thing is certain and that is the reward and satisfaction when you stand back and see light and shadow created by the carving, bringing the work to life.

Relief carved number ten






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