Tag: Lettercutting in stone

Lettering in stone – relief carving

  Mostly the letter carving I’m asked to do is incised lettering, but recently I’ve relief carved the number ten and I’ve really enjoyed chasing the strong, clean lines as precisely as I can. Relief carved letters stand proud of the background stone surface. A frequent question is ‘which lettering style is the easiest to […]

Hand Carved Stone House Name Plaque

  Hand carved and lettered house name plaque in sandstone.   I’ve been busy carving breezes in trees, tiny leaves and a lightly flittering bird.      

A dash of colour

  They say that animals don’t see in colour, but I do wonder.   I’ve  been told that dogs see in a sort of sepia way, and am learning that birds see colours we don’t, and also ultraviolet light.  I tend to see in stone colours – or at least refer to stone to describe […]

Letters cut in stone

  A call came through last week from a customer who asked if I could add some lettering to the Birdbath they had ordered.  I love to be part of making something special, personal and individual in this way, so was glad to agree.  I think it makes a lovely marker for a point in time and […]

Letter Blocks in Stone

Alphabet blocks are traditionally a children’s toy, and learning aid – and making these brought back early memories of pushing a little cart round the garden, full of wooden blocks with a letter painted brightly on each face.  I built with them, toppled them and made names in a row. These stone ones are playful […]