My Otter sculpture’s fabulous garden


Otter sculpture in the garden

I’ve just received this stunning image from my customers, showing their Otter sculpture now in place.

Otter is beautifully positioned on a stone wall topped with sandstone slabs.  The wall incorporates steps leading upward to a central flower bed and planted borders following the arc of a protectively enclosing outer wall.

Otter’s gentle curves and smooth lines compliment the symmetry of the garden’s layout, the strong stone walls and gravel paths.  What a tranquil scene – seamlessly integrated by the soft, exquisite colour palette of shrubs and planting.

A perfect fit for Otter I think, who looks serenely settled already.



PS:  in the foreground you’ll spot one of my Birdbaths – I love how the planting flanks the bowl, and is clambering around the base.




  1. Comment by Caroline:

    How rewarding to see Otter in such a perfect garden, Jennifer!

    • Reply by jennifer:

      Such a treat to receive the image and see Otter ‘at home’ and settled – thank you Caroline

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