Owlet Sculpture


Owl sculpture

The Barn Owlets I watched last year left a huge impression, and continue to influence my sculpture.

When finding somewhere to roost Barn Owls favour dilapidated, or near derelict buildings.  Perhaps this is because they are usually uninhabited and undisturbed.

They have favourite places to perch too, returning to the same spot on the same ledge or beam.  One of the rafters in the shed is quite worn in a particular place from use.

The owls fledged from here will have found their own territories, and may even be nesting and raising broods of their own now.

Tadcaster Owl






  1. Comment by Caroline:

    Absolutely wonderful, Jennifer! So ‘owlet’…

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Thankyou so much – it was such an insight being able to watch them, and in carving them I’m right back in the moment.

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