Playful Otter


Otter Sculpture

Otter sculpture carved in soapstone – 10″ x 9″ x 10″

Otters seem to love bounding about in a boisterous and playful way – this ‘play’ is usually between otter cubs.  The act of play is beneficial in learning physical and social skills at a time when the mother still provides protection and food.

Play-fighting is frequently seen in otter cubs, who often take it in turns to pursue and be pursued.  There are clear similarities between the ways cubs play and the skills needed in order to survive, such as feeding, fighting, avoiding predators, and finding mates.  The catch game is fast and furious, they roll around, above and below water, pouncing and chasing.

It is perhaps in the water where otter agility and strength can be seen best, in twists and turns, dives, and streamlined speeding.

otter sculpture detail

In this otter sculpture, I’ve chosen their underwater world, an otter in the moment of changing direction creating a circular motion, using its strong tail as a rudder and its large webbed feet to propel it on a new course – in pursuit of a play-mate or perhaps foraging in anticipation of a meal.

The Cornish Soapstone has been finished to a high polish to emphasise the magical lustrous sheen of wet otter fur.





  1. Comment by David Ranby:

    Fabulous, alive piece. The feet and flippers are beautiful

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Thanks so much – what a treat it is to carve otters.

  2. Comment by Sarah Ramsey-Goudie:

    I love this, it’s such a beautiful piece.

    • Reply by jennifer:

      Thank you so much Sarah – otters are a favourite to carve!

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