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Playful Otter

  Otters seem to love bounding about in a boisterous and playful way – this ‘play’ is usually between otter cubs.  The act of play is beneficial in learning physical and social skills at a time when the mother still provides protection and food. Play-fighting is frequently seen in otter cubs, who often take it […]

Otter Streamside

  Today I delivered and set up pieces at RHS Garden Harlow Carr for the Streamside Sculpture Trail which is on during June.  At the gate I met a similarly loaded vehicle, with sculpture padded and strapped for the journey – and in the gardens other sculptors busy setting out their pieces. One of my […]


  I’m still reading Otter Country by Miriam Darlington – and loving it!  Early in the book she writes that after reading Henry Williamson’s  Tarka the Otter she was so enthralled and spell-bound by otters, that ‘for months afterwards I felt like I was an otter’. It was so exciting to read this, as it […]