Tag: Stone Carving tools

Chisels for Cutting Letters in Stone

  New chisels arrived at the workshop today, looking very smart in their own canvas tool roll.  Actually I’m quite pleased with this, as I want to keep these chisels just for lettering stone and it holds them safe from being chinked together, and the cutting edges protected against knocks.  Previously I’ve carved sculpture and […]

Breaking rocks in the hot sun

    Phew!  Tools resting in the heat – actually it is me taking a break, gone to find some shade to cool off.    

Hammer easy in my hand

  Weight.  Balance.  Rhythm.  Sound.  Handle smooth and comfortable from wear.  Hammer easy in my hand.

Mushrooms and Maintenance

  This little row shows the growth progress of ‘mushrooms’ on the heads of my chisels. Which raises the mushroom question – that is when to maintain chisels which inevitably become ‘mushroomed’ at the head due to use.  Some would be appalled to see these, in that they show total disregard to good housekeeping, or should […]