Wildlife Moments


Wildlife moments - bee on Sycamore tree flowers

Watching the busy birds and animals at my workshop and in the surrounding fields and countryside fills me with pleasure. Sometimes I’ve dedicated hours to it and seen nothing, and at other times everywhere I turn there’s spectacle and revelation.

Wildlife moments - Jay

Those days of wildlife moments fill me to bursting with inspiration, with energy, to put something of those snippets and seconds of seeing (and feeling) into my stone carving.

Just the other day, was one of those rare and special days of wildlife experiences.

Wildlife moments - stoat on stone pile

I look up from my sculpture and there is a stoat, it is carrying something in its mouth.  I’m standing still, mallet in hand, eyes wide.

Wildlife moments - stoat carrying something in its mouth

Throughout the day I’m distracted by noise of some sort, a glimpse of movement close, or a feeling compelling me to look up.

Wildlife moments - deer

Pure splendour in those impressive seconds of seeing – they leave me feeling triumphant.  I’m still remarking to myself on the delight of it.




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