Tag: inspiration for sculpture

Autumn leaf forms

  Over the last week or so I’ve stopped more than once to look more closely at a bird, apparently floundering in the road, I’ve seen one on the verge too.  Yesterday I saw a mouse leap up and then lie still.  When I get close it is a leaf, brown birdlike, flip, rock, fall […]

Wildlife Moments

  Watching the busy birds and animals at my workshop and in the surrounding fields and countryside fills me with pleasure. Sometimes I’ve dedicated hours to it and seen nothing, and at other times everywhere I turn there’s spectacle and revelation. Those days of wildlife moments fill me to bursting with inspiration, with energy, to […]

A walk with three toes

  Instead of taking my usual route I followed tracks in the snow.  Overnight there had been a deep frost so I crunched as I walked.  A clear, winding set of footprints marked the way.  These were pheasant imprints and I took its walk. It became difficult at times, on hands and knees, in and […]

Bold Forms and Fine Foliage

  Today I bought a little fern in a pot.   A love for them must run in the family – this is a view of my great-grandfather’s greenhouse.  He took the picture too – photography was another of his passions.   Ferns found in stone are a glory too, the fossils showing such crisp detail […]

Can I sculpt the sky?

  Sometimes all the conditions contrive to make the start to the day feel incredibly good.  This is one such morning – frost, mist, and cloud burst through with a gold and copper sun.  It made me stand still and look – feeling awe. This is the view from my workshop, if I take a […]

Talk and Tour – the Harrison effect!

  As part of my exhibition The Museum as Muse at the Ryedale Folk Museum there was a tour of the collection given by the gallery curator Sally-Ann Smith, and an informal talk, by me, about how the pieces in the exhibition came about. I was really looking forward to the evening, as a number […]