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Ferns from an Ancient Woodland

  As the chippings and shards fall away, ferns and plant life from another world scatter to the ground.  I’m trying to concentrate on carving, on my sculpture, but the stone transports me to ancient woodlands, pre-historic lush terrain, club mosses, fiddleheads and fronds.        

Dimples, pimples and wrinkles

  Rugged beauty on the face of stone. Dimples   I think these little hollows are caused by pockets of softer material in the sandstone (called upclasts) which has washed away over time – but also could be where grit or small pebbles have been caught in a hollow and washed around, abrading the surrounding […]

Bold Forms and Fine Foliage

  Today I bought a little fern in a pot.   A love for them must run in the family – this is a view of my great-grandfather’s greenhouse.  He took the picture too – photography was another of his passions.   Ferns found in stone are a glory too, the fossils showing such crisp detail […]