Bold Forms and Fine Foliage


Ferns in the Greenhouse

Today I bought a little fern in a pot.   A love for them must run in the family – this is a view of my great-grandfather’s greenhouse.  He took the picture too – photography was another of his passions.


Fossil of a fern frond

Fern fossil

Ferns found in stone are a glory too, the fossils showing such crisp detail of of each fern frond.  I’ve got ideas for stone fern fronds, and these prompted and justified my purchase!  Next step drawing.

Fern leaves

My poor fern is getting picked at, proddled and examined in fine detail.  Indeed what forms and fine inspiration.

Fern leaves

As I look through the arcs and spikes of my fern, it feels like walking into the sepia greenhouse and I’m surrounded in ferny fineness.

fern frond





  1. Comment by Annie:

    Your gern is beautiful. And this post is a gift

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      What a lovely note, thankyou.

  2. Comment by Annie:

    Fern, fern. Memo to self, pay attention to what you’re typing!

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      I understood, don’t those keyboards let us down sometimes!

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