Tag: Sandstone

Is my fossil a Rough Horsetail?

  From time to time I find fossils in the sandstone I’m carving – most always they look like plant stems or leaves, and occasionally seed pods.  It is always a rather exciting revelation as I excavate them, trying to keep the fossil complete.  The reason these discoveries are so compelling is that they represent […]

Dimples, pimples and wrinkles

  Rugged beauty on the face of stone. Dimples   I think these little hollows are caused by pockets of softer material in the sandstone (called upclasts) which has washed away over time – but also could be where grit or small pebbles have been caught in a hollow and washed around, abrading the surrounding […]

Calm after the storm

  We seem to have got away with it quite lightly here – though the tin roofs of the workshop were well rattled!  Happily they stayed in place. Today by comparison is beautiful and I’m working outside on a piece I started some months ago – commissions, orders and my exhibition meant I had to […]