Talk and Tour – the Harrison effect!


Talk and Tour of the Harrison Collection

Visitors gather for the tour and talk

As part of my exhibition The Museum as Muse at the Ryedale Folk Museum there was a tour of the collection given by the gallery curator Sally-Ann Smith, and an informal talk, by me, about how the pieces in the exhibition came about.

I was really looking forward to the evening, as a number of people had already asked me about the sculpture I was showing,  and what in particular in the Harrison Collection had inspired it.  After the tour of the Collection  everyone gathered in the gallery to hear how it had affected me, and inspired my carving.

There were lots of questions afterwards, over tea and cakes, and chat about sculpture and stone, collecting and curating.  It was lovely to have comments about my sculpture and how – for the most part – the pieces in the museum aroused similar responses from us all.

Thanks to all those who came, and for your lovely contributions – your stories,  memories and comments are worthy of sculptures in themselves!  My next exhibition?!


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