In the Workshop today – Lapwing sculpture


Carving a Lapwing sculpture

I can hear Lapwings calling as I carve.  A couple of weeks ago I saw a sole bird and rejoiced its return to my little area of the North York Moors – Lapwings nest in the fields above my workshop.  The wind was high, and the Lapwing was buffeted in the sky, and I wondered if it must feel it had returned to the moor too soon.  I got back to the  stone Lapwing on my workbench.

Carving a Lapwing in Yorkstone

I’m at the stage here of sanding the stone in an effort to eliminate the bumps and indents left by the chisel.  I love smooth, tactile stone surfaces, but this does require considerable time and effort to achieve, for which I don’t believe there is a short-cut.  For me it is worth every minute of the labour.

I work initially with a course abrasive and then progress to finer and finer grades to remove the numerous tool marks which occur when forming the work.

Lapwing sculpture - work in progress

There are many Lapwings now feeding in the grassland as I look out of the workshop, and I watch them in their demandingly vocal swoops and tumbling flight.

For a view of the finished Lapwing Sculpture – after final sanding I took the Lapwing up to the moor edge and there was just time to take a picture as the light faded.





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