York Minster Stone Carving Festival 2018


bee carving in stone

I decided in the end on my original insect idea – a bee, just landed on a flower.  The first day saw plenty progress the shape roughly outlined, ready for day two detailing.


making a start on a stone carving of a bee

I thought things hadn’t gone too badly, but was reminded of the pace required when I looked round to see the other carvings.

bee on a flower stone carving

Day two just flew by and I didn’t quite get my bee carving finished – another day would have been great!  In any case it got carried off to the auction table ready to go under the hammer.  Prizes were awarded and then the crowds gathered for the sale.   All was well for bee and a little flurry of bidders saw it achieve well for Minster funds.

Bee on a flower carving

The lady who bought my bee made herself known, which was lovely, and she lives in York, so I delivered Bee on a Flower for her after the Festival, and popped it in her heavenly garden – where it now sits happily amongst her collection of carvings and other sculpture.

Bee on a flower stone carving

I’ve written in a bit more detail about the Festival here, including lots of images of pieces carved.  The quality of work was astounding.  What a wonderful event to be part of, I loved the whole weekend, it surprised me in ways I hadn’t imagined or thought of,  which is hugely inspiring, and I have a feeling it will make me a better carver.

York Minster Stone Carving Festival 2018







  1. Comment by Ellen Abbott:

    I love your carving. did you finish it for her before you delivered it?

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      She loved it as it was – as a Festival piece – it is a bee that tells a carving story for that weekend, a novelette so to speak!

  2. Comment by David Ranby:

    Super bee. The legs make it look like its dragging itself out of the block. Loved the mice piece too. So sorry to miss the event, hope the Minster see it as a a success to be repeated!

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Dragging stone dust with it rather than pollen! I agree, there should be lots more stone festivals!

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