I love having stone in stock


Blocks of Hazeldean Sandstone

Today I took delivery of a pallet full of Hazeldean Sandstone from Hutton Stone – a couple of the blocks are for sculpture I’ve been commissioned to carve, and the rest will go into stock.  I’m absolutely thrilled with the markings in these pieces!

I love the feeling of being surrounded by stone – a supply of raw stone, fresh quarried, to pick from is so pleasing, makes me feel satisfied and secure.   It helps customers when they visit too – a little insight into the many and varied forms of sandstone available, the tones, textures and feel – at least of the ones I like working.

Hazeldean Sandstone for carving

I tour my stone stock from time to time, (often!), as a reminder.  When I have a sculpture idea forming in my mind I can immediately see if a particular piece of stone will be suitable, if its nature is right.  Allocating stone to shape.  Contentedness comes from that.

Colour in my Hazeldean Sandstone block

For now I’ve got a bit of unloading and stacking labour to do!


Sculpture I’ve carved in Hazeldean Sandstone


Barn Owl – looking back

Fox – sitting

Barn Owl – pale faced

Eagle – grounded

Barn Owl – in Winter light




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  1. Comment by Ellen Abbott:

    I understand the feeling. it is lovely stone.

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