A mate for Bamboo Bird


Bird sculpture

This is Bamboo Bird II – although perhaps the sculpture ought to be called sunshine bird.  It has been glorious here and I’ve been working outside all week, today putting finishing touches and carving details into tail and beak.

The sculpture is a partner for Bamboo Bird as promised – they’ve just met, and I’m happy to say all seems to be going well.

Bird sculpture

Bamboo Birds are part of my exhibition at the White Fox Gallery throughout May.






  1. Comment by Amanda:

    They are both wonderful Jennifer, found quite a lot of bird sculptures in Morecambe on Thursday.
    Amanda xx

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Thankyou – I didn’t realise there were so many bird sculptures there. I was really excited to see the big round birds – my birds are perhaps related! Better put Morecambe on my list of places to visit.

  2. Comment by Annie:

    They are really rather wondrous.

    Would the same shapes be possible smaller … they look like they would nestle perfectly in the hand at the right size? I can almost imagine the weight of them at that scale.

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      They would be lovely ‘hand size’ – it might start to get difficult with detail on the beak and eye – you never know they may have chicks!

  3. Comment by Ellen Abbott:

    they are a sweet pair.

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Thanks Ellen

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