Red Bird


Red stones

These little treasures of red pebbles and my other thoughts on red stone recently, have inspired me to carve a piece of red sandstone that I had in the workshop.  It was a slim slither of quite course grained stone, with areas of differing textures and it somehow became a bird – Red Bird.

Red Bird Sculpture

Now it is here I’m rather shocked by how red it is, and keep being surprised by the colour.  I’m trying to think of red birds in nature and know of the Crossbill, the Scottish Crossbill and the male Parrot Crossbill is also red.  None are completely red though, and my Red Bird is not cross-billed.  I think it most resembles a Summer Tanager from North America. The female is a mustard yellow colour, but both have a distinctive chuckling call sound – which I think most apt for my Red sandstone Bird.

Red stone bird sculpture





  1. Comment by Rosemary Redway:

    Red bird is an engaging wee character – I like him very much. Beautiful too is your elegant swan and bird bath and I am longing to see them in place.

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Thankyou, I’ll pass on your lovely comments to Red Bird – there’s a ‘grand opening’ of the garden very shortly and I’ll post images afterwards of everything in place.

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