Tag: Barn Owl

Face Feathers

  The Barn Owl that visits my workshop sits on one of the beams, and seems to spend lots of time preening.  In the morning I find the feathers on the workshop floor. Recently the feathers have been from the Barn Owl’s face – small, almost bristly feathers, stiff and strongly curved.  Some have the […]

The Sun is High

  Happy Summer Solstice There’s lots of talk about the Strawberry Moon this year on our longest day – but I’m happy with late evening sun and a Barn Owl flying overhead.      

Winter Preenings

  I’ve collected these feathers over the last few months.  The soft, feathery gifts lie beneath the Barn Owl’s nightly perch, and show me she stayed there a while to preen.  Sometimes there is just the tiniest wisp of grey fluff in evidence, and at others, treasures like these.  They are so soft and light […]