Tag: Dalby Forest

The Colour of Stone and Carving the Moon

  The stone carved during the lettering workshop at The Dry Stone Wall Maze is random walling stone.  In a way ‘unknown stone’ – some has been used in buildings previously, some pieces were part of fallen field boundary walls, some reclaimed and some new quarried.  All with a history.  Most of the pieces we’re […]

Forest Snail

  Did you know that most land snails have a shell which spirals to the right?  I’ve been looking closely at a shell as I’m carving one in stone.  The central tip of the spiral is the shell that the snail was born with – when it emerged from its egg. As its soft body […]

Dry Stone Wall Maze

  The Dry Stone Wall Maze will be situated at the heart of Dalby Forest. The four outer most walls of the maze will measure eighty metres in length each and the walls will stand six feet two inches high. Visitors will follow a short path through the forest to the maze. The entrance into […]