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Pikorua sculpture for New Zealand Garden

  This weekend was the re-opening celebration of the New Zealand Garden in Valley Gardens, Harrogate and unveiling of the garden’s new sculpture.  The New Zealand Garden has undergone a refurbishment, part of which was to include my Yorkstone carving. The sculpture, a commission through Harrogate International Partnerships, is a Pikorua, a Maori symbol representing […]

The Water Vole Book

  Yesterday I received a copy of The Water Vole Book by Hugh Warwick.  It is part of a series of nature books edited by Jane Russ and published by Graffeg in Llanelli, Wales. Graffeg very kindly sent it to me as the beginning of the chapter about this little mammal in Myths, Art and […]


  Waxwings are seen from October to March, over-wintering here before heading back to Scandinavia to breed in the northern forests. Often they gather in large flocks, feeding in berry-laden trees and bushes. They’re known for their soft, silky plumage and remarkable colouring – the red tips to the wings (which, it is said, look […]


  There were four brothers Cedd, Chad, Cynibil and Caelin.  All were tutored by St Aiden in Lindisfarne to help in transforming the 7th Century Celts and Anglo Saxons from Pagans to Christians. The brothers founded an Abbey in the North York Moors, the land donated to them in 654 at Lastingham.  However the area […]

Flowers from the Zechstein Sea

  Some 250 million years ago the Cadeby stone I’ve carved these flowers in, was being formed in the shallow tropical Zechstein sea.   Now this Magnesian Limestone is only found in a few places in the North East of England.  Where outcrops exist and have been subject to many decades of weathering the area has […]


  With the lighter mornings I’m hearing the beginnings of the dawn chorus.  There was a very sketchy start by a Blackbird this morning, but it soon got into its stride. Just as bird songs are taking shape in the garden, bird sculptures are forming in the workshop.  This new one also enjoying the early […]

Byland by Moonlight

  Byland, in North Yorkshire, was built during the 12th century and rose to become one of the largest Cistercian Abbeys in Britain. The magnificent west entrance to the church is clearly visible, with the west range of the cloister.  The imposing scale of other sections is only hinted at by the ruins. My visit […]

Merry Christmas

    M e r  r  y   C h r i s t m a s & Happy New Year        

Perched Wren sculpture

  Perched Wren – a sculpture carved in Yorkstone revealing a rather plump bird (as you often see them in Winter months) with perky, upright tail and head lifted as if about to burst into song.        

More Owls

  I’m delighted to say that Little Hushwings are now back in stock and available to purchase through my online shop – thank you for your patience in waiting for them to be carved!