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In the workshop – carving Long Tailed Bird

  Long Tailed Bird is in the finishing stages now – you’ll see the progress since I was rough shaping the sculpture the other day. Now concentrating on silky smooth finish and sharp feather detail.        

Heads or Tails

  In the workshop today I’m working both – putting detail into beak and bottom! I’m aiming to carve out the feather shapes in particular, a little on the wings, but especially on this bird’s rather elongated tail – the rump feathers are called rectrices.  The primary role of these feathers is to assist with […]

From the Rookery

  This bird sculpture is carved in Springstone (a hard Serpentine stone mined in Northern Zimbabwe) and I’ve called it Fumblefot. The piece of stone is actually an off-cut from a sculpture I previously carved (Fugol), and in a similar way I’ve retained the golden colouring at the outer edge, inside the stone turns to […]