A Plantability of Pots


Stone plant pots

I’ve been talking a lot about pots lately I know, but at this time of year they’re regularly on my making list.  Just knowing that they’ll be topped up with soil, carefully planted and contain a captivating growing display, means they are a joy to make.

Stone pots for spring planting

These ones are solid and rustic, the stone really does the talking here.  This small group of oval, D-shape, square and oblong planters have a simple, honest finish where the natural texture of the stone is centre-stage.  They’re a really useful size for planting up for spring colour,  the oval one especially I think would look lovely filled with miniature tulips.

Stone planters

Today I’ve been drilling holes in them for drainage and doing final fettling.  The wavy colour band running through them has pleased me.

A wave of natural stone colouring running through my pots

I guessed at ‘Plantability’, any suggestions as to what the collective term for pots is?

A few of these rustic stone planters will come with me to the Gardens Illustrated Festival.






  1. Comment by Diana Ion:

    I love the vein of colour running from one pot to the other in the bottom picture, is this because they came from the same bit of stone ?

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      I couldn’t resist lining them all up so the vein flowed in and out of each pot – yes, the stone for these pots all came from the same block and were worked from ‘outsiders’ (which are the edges sawn from large blocks at the quarry to create dimensioned stone) – these outer edge slabs and rugged chunks are often a marvel of colour, shape and texture.

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