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Easter Sunday morning

  Woke exceptionally early (too much chocolate the night before?!) and was met by a frost.  Anxiously did my round of checks at the workshop, new seedlings, just planted out sweet-peas, my re-located Good-King-Henry plant, tender parsley, my tiny Oak – all okay! Collected the goose eggs, and hadn’t at all needed to decorate any, […]

A Plantability of Pots

  I’ve been talking a lot about pots lately I know, but at this time of year they’re regularly on my making list.  Just knowing that they’ll be topped up with soil, carefully planted and contain a captivating growing display, means they are a joy to make. These ones are solid and rustic, the stone […]

Potted Cowslip

      The hedgerow here is greening, and cowslips push their clusters of curled lush leaves upward in vibrant wrinkly fronds.  They’re promising slender delicate stems abundant with pale yellow flowers. Since early times cowslip has been cultivated in the British Isles and was popular in medieval herb gardens – having magical and medicinal properties. Farmers […]

Knotty Brambles

    I’ve spent time this weekend clearing brambles.  The area where they grow, down the side of my workshop, used to be a hedgerow, there are ash tree stumps and it is a place I tend to leave to grow naturally wild.  The geese have made nests and laid eggs there in the thick […]

Cut flowers for the house

  Cut Cardoon to be accurate, and these flower heads never seemed to actually flower.  Maybe this variety is not supposed to, but I had waited and waited for tufts of colour or thistle type petals to emerge, but they never did.  Cutting was a tough job even for my secateurs!  However, what beautiful heads […]