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A Plantability of Pots

  I’ve been talking a lot about pots lately I know, but at this time of year they’re regularly on my making list.  Just knowing that they’ll be topped up with soil, carefully planted and contain a captivating growing display, means they are a joy to make. These ones are solid and rustic, the stone […]

Nature’s favourite shape

  Is the hexagon nature’s favourite shape?  I keep seeing it, and the more I look, the more the six sides jump out at me.  It is quite a satisfying, solid shape – a stable shape. The Giant’s Causeway, honeycomb, tortoise or turtle shell, snowflake, flower shapes, poppy seeds – there are lots more examples. […]

Planting in swirls

  Stone bowls waiting – at rest in the sunshine after being hollowed and fettled. Waiting for gardening hands to fill them with plants. Planting in swirls.        

Potted Cowslip

      The hedgerow here is greening, and cowslips push their clusters of curled lush leaves upward in vibrant wrinkly fronds.  They’re promising slender delicate stems abundant with pale yellow flowers. Since early times cowslip has been cultivated in the British Isles and was popular in medieval herb gardens – having magical and medicinal properties. Farmers […]