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The Year in Books – April 2015

    The monthly account of the wildlife, farming and nature described in Meadowland, was my enjoyable March read.  At times the beautifully vivid and intense writing that created my understanding of the Meadows was interrupted by analogies that broke the spell, and rudely awakened me from my immersion and delight in the book. Wrens as […]

The Year in Books – March 2015

  I’ve gone and got really organised for my The Year in Books, and made some bookmarks.  Just simple ones that were easy to do – I printed some sketches I made of my geese onto thick card and then cut to shape.  I think the tassels make them look rather smart – these were made by winding […]

A Year in Books – February 2015

  The book I selected in January – Lost Animals by Errol Fuller – was a bit harrowing, which I expected (given the subject matter), but I was a little bit disappointed too.  I wanted to know more about the selected birds and animals – perhaps it is a good thing it left me wanting […]

The Year in Books – January 2015

  For a long time I have promised myself that I will read more, and I’ve managed it in small bursts , but never kept it up, so was really pleased recently to come across The Year in Books over at  Circle of Pine Trees.  The Year in Books is all about trying to ensure we make space for […]